Once upon a time there was a king who had three daughters. Each of them lived in her palace. One day, the king had decided to go to a big fair, and he went to the first daughter and asked:

-What do you want me to bring you, my dear daughter?

The first daughter said she wanted him to bring a dress that nobody on the earth had. So the king went to the second daughter and asked her too, so she told him:

- I want you to take for me a pair of shoes no one has.

Then he went to the third daughter and asked her the same question, and she answered:

- I want a violin that no one has.

So, the king left for the big fair, bought lots of goods and a few days later came back home. He went to the first daughter, gave her the dress he had bought and asked:

- Tell me, how much do you love your father?

The first daughter answered happily: - I love as much as the earth and more.

The king was very pleased, then he went to his second daughter, gave her the shoes and asked her the same questions. She answered happily too: - I love you as much as the sky and more.

The king was very happy, then he went to the youngest daughter, gave her the violin and asked the same question: - Tell me, how much do you love me?

The youngest daughter answered smiling: - I love you as much as the salt in the dish.

But that didn’t please the king, he was mad instead, so mad that he dispatched her not only from the palace, but from the kingdom too. She went away to the unknown roads. Walking and crying, she arrived at a very distant town and saw there some old women which were grazing a gaggle. The old women were the king’s nannies once. The old women felt pity when they saw the girl drowned in tears and they decided to take her stay at their house and graze the geese with them.  Thenceforth, the girl grazed the geese and played the violin every day.

One day, the king of the country was passing in that part of his kingdom and saw the shepherdess that played the violin so had happened and how they found her. But they didn’t tell her the whole truth.

After he heard the whole story, the king said:

- It is a crime to let her herd the geese. – so he gave order to bring her in the palace.

The king’s son saw the girl playing the violin so nicely that he fell in love with her since the first moment. He loved her so much that he got sick. The king called the best doctors from all over the world to attend, but none of them found what he suffered from. They gave him lots of drugs, but his health became worse. But days later, the nannies went to see the prince and noticed what he suffered from. They told the king what was going on and he was very surprised he didn’t even think about that before.

Then the king went to his son, whom he loved more than everything else in the world, and told him he allowed him to marry whoever he wanted, it didn’t matter if she was either rich or poor and homeless. The prince recovered at once and got out of bed. Great arrangements began in the palace, they would last a week and a day.

In this wedding, other kings were invited, and among them was the bride’s father.

When tables were laid, the girl called the servants and ordered them to serve her father all the dishes without salt. All the kings were eating the most delicious dishes and tasting everything, but one of them, the bride’s father, tasted them just once and turned them back. The host noticed that and went to ask him why he wasn’t eating anything. So he told the king that the dishes didn’t have salt. The king was so mad that he went to castigate the servants, but they told him the bride had ordered them to do that. The king lost his temper because he wasn’t understanding anything and went to the bride to ask her why she had ordered so. Then she told him everything, and both the king and the prince were so happy she was their princess.

At that moment, the girl stood up and approached to her father: - Your Majesty, why aren’t you eating like everyone is doing?

He answered back shirty: - How can I eat a dish without salt?

Then the bride said: - Why did you dispatch me when I told you ‘‘I love as much as the salt in the dish’’?

The king saw her surprised, while the girl raised the veil and showed him her face. The old king recognized his daughter and just then he understood how much unfair he had been to her. He went closer, hugged her and apologized about his behavior. The wedding feast continued, but this time there was much more bliss.