Once upon a time, there were two brothers, and they had a little sister. They loved her so much that they could give her all she wanted. Days passed and an old lady visited the girl every day. She told the girl about a dancer in a kilt who was the best dancer in the world. The girl liked the dancer so much that she tried to convince her oldest brother to marry her. But to marry the dancer wasn’t that simple. She had frozen and stoned every single brave and gentle man who tried to take her or marry her.

Before he took off, the oldest brother said to his brother and sister:

 - I am going to take the dancer in the kilt with me, but I have the feeling I may be in danger. So I am leaving this rose to you, and if it becomes withered, I will be in trouble.

Then he left. At the time he was walking, he encountered an old lady in the road, sat under a nut tree. The old lady asked the man where was he going to and he told her everything. The old lady told him not to go to that dangerous place because he would lose. Then she told him: If you want to make sure that I am telling the truth, take this stick and try to take some nuts from this tree. If you can get any nut, then there is hope for you to take that girl with you.

He took the stick but he couldn’t get a single nut from the tree. He was very sad, however he didn’t want to go back. He took off and met a baker on his way. The baker asked him too and the man told him everything. He tried to stop him, but the man didn’t change his mind. Then the baker told him:

- If you don’t trust my words, stay in the bakery and eat everything in here, and you can do that, then you may have the chance to take her with you, otherwise you must prepare for your loss as soon as you get there.

The boy began to eat, but he couldn’t even finish the half of the bread that was in the bakery. However, he didn’t want to go back, so he took off to accomplish his mission. Just as he got to his destination, he saw the dancer’s house near the coast and a little farther, all the men that she had frozen and stoned.

Anyway the man didn’t freak out, but he went closer to the house facing it out. As soon as he reached the house, he began to call the maid’s name. But when she got in front of him, he couldn’t resist her gaze, and turned his head aside. At that he moment he was stoned. Just when this happened, the rose he had left to his sister withered and got dried. When the little sister and brother saw the rose, they realized that their oldest brother was in danger and they were very sad.

Days passed, and the brother got up and said to his sister:

- I have to go and save our brother, and take the dancer in the kilt too.

But she thought that it was her fault that their brother had lost his life, and she didn’t want the other one to go.

But she figured out she couldn’t make him change his mind, she gave up and didn’t speak any other word. So her bother left as soon as possible and encountered the old lady under the nut tree on his way. After he listened attentively to her advices, he took the stick and could bring down all the nuts from the tree. Then he took off, surely more confident in himself. He encountered the baker too, and after he listened to his words, he ate all the bread in his bakery and left. When he reached the place where the dancer in the kilt lived, he saw his brother and lots of other men at the shore, frozen and stoned. He was so sad.

Not far away from there lived an old lady, her sons had a magic spirit and they knew where the dancer had her power and wickedness, and they had told that to their mother. When she saw the man, she called him and told him how to entice the dancer in the kilt. She said:

When you’ll get to the shore, she will scream and shout to freak you out, but you shouldn’t hear and go on your way. It will seem like she will go after you, but it will not happen so you shouldn’t turn your head. Son, just follow your way, and she will catch up and you’ll possess her. After he heard everything, he took the way to the shore and called the dancer’s name. She came out of her house and began to scream and shout to frighten the man, but he didn’t stop and his eyes kept staring at her. Even though the voice seemed to go after him, he didn’t turn his head but kept on moving. She saw that he didn’t freak out and kept staring at her, so she thought he was a real brave man and she wouldn’t resist for a long time. So she stopped screaming and tried to get closer to the man exalting him. Then she gave him two bottles made of glass, one full of white water, and the other one full of red water. She told him that with the white one she froze the men, but with the red one she turned them into normal. So the man took the one with the red water and perfused it to his brother and the other men. Everyone turned into normal.

Then the three of them took the way home, where their little sister was waiting them impatiently. When they got home, they made a big wedding and the oldest bother married the dancer in the kilt and they lived happily forever.