Once upon a time, a shepherd called Dedali lived in a place among the mountains, whose peaks reached the sky. One day, as he was milking the sheep, a cloud of flies came over his head. Dedali got nervous, took the belt and whipped. Proud of what he did, he wrote on the belt: ‘‘I whipped only once, but I killed ten of them’’.

The time passed and one day he left the herd and wanted to travel the world. After a long walking, he saw a man who had put his back against the rock. Dedali asked him why was he doing that and he answered that he was trying to keep the rock from falling. Dedali guffawed and told him to rest because he would help him. The man tried to object Dedali, but when he saw the belt, he thought: ‘‘Oh, this is the strongest man I have ever seen’’.

Will you join me to travel the world? – Dedali asked the man.

He was thinking ‘‘if I join him, I’ll become famous’’, so he accepted the invitation.

Walking for a long time, they found themselves in a field and there was a man laid down in the middle of it, and waving up his hands and legs. Dedali went closer and asked him why he was doing that. He answered:

-  I have to keep the sky up because it could fall down and crush the ground.

Dedali offered to help, but the man didn’t want him to do that. Then he saw the belt and changed his mind. Dedali invited him to join them and travel the world. The man reflected for a while, but then he accepted.

They walked for a long time but had to spend the night at the woods. They saw a cave somewhere, and it was so high that five people standing up on each-other shoulders could enter it without bending. There was a big fire in a hole that enlightened all the cave’s angles.

- Hello, is anybody there? May we come in? – Dedali asked.

-Come in, come in, - an old woman said. –my husband is out there milking the sheep.

The ground began to shake and the single-eyed Ogre came out.

They were horrified, but Dedali told them to calm down. The Ogre ordered the old woman to dine, but Dedali told him they just wanted to sleep and the next morning they would leave. 

Soon, they fell asleep and began to snore. Actually, they weren’t sleeping and could hear everything. That’s what they heard:

- Hey old lady, you know what to do with them, just grill them good!

- Surely, I’m getting used to that, tomorrow you’ll have all of them for lunch.

The Ogre fell asleep while the old woman wiped out the flambeaus and the whole cave was in total darkness. Dedali told his friends to stay there and not to speak. He got up and took out from the belt a sharp knife, and went to the sheep.

As a master that he was, he could butcher four sheep without making a noise. Then he took the sheepskins and gave them to his friends to cover themselves. Then he took a a billet and put it in the ember till it reddened and jabbed it to the Ogre’s eye blinding him. After that he ran to his friends and they went to the herd of sheep to hide. 

The next morning, the Ogre told to the old woman to punch the herd, and to not let the three of them get away. But Dedali got there and told:

- I am Dedali and I blinded you, Ogre. You cannot go back on the guests that come to your house.

Just when the Ogre noticed that Dedali had gone out of the cave, he cried out like he was a hundred bulls: - If you are a real man, Dedali, come here tomorrow night.

Surely I will, tomorrow or any other evening, right in here, - Dedali answered back.

Even the king found out all what Dedali had done, so he asked his footmen to bring Dedali to the palace. When the king saw Dedali he thought: ‘‘How could this little man blind the Ogre?!’’.

And his evil-minded ‘friends’ noticed what the king was really thinking so they said him secretly:

- Oh powerful king, we know that the Ogre has a horse and that horse has wing. Tell Dedali to go get the horse, than you’ll see if he is so strong.

The king told Dedali to go get the Ogre’s horse. So Dedali asked for an axe, a bag of barley and some wine. The king gave him all he asked for and Dedali took off.

The night came down, and Dedali went closer to the cave, opened a big hole, got into it, lied his hand and caught the horse from his neck. But the horse began whickering to call his master that was sleeping. So the Ogre and the old woman woke up to see what was going on, but they couldn’t see anybody. The Ogre got angry and hit the horse with a stick, and he fell asleep again.

So Dedali waited for a while, till the Ogre fell asleep, then he laid his hand and caught the tail of the horse. The animal began whickering again, the Ogre and old lady woke up again, took the flambeaus to look better, but they couldn’t see anyone except the horse. The Ogre was so mad that he said to the horse:

If you dare to wake me up like this again and I will beat you to death.

Then Dedali came out of the hole and gave the horse some barley and wine, and told him:

Come with me and you will live happily.

The horse was very hungry, ate the barley, drank the wine and said: ‘‘Why should I live here while they only kick me?’’

So Dedali could take the horse with him, while the Ogre flushed with anger.

Dedali’s name became notorious all over the kingdom, but his envious friends hated that. For days, they tried to make a complot, then they told the king that the old woman had a magic ring, so who kept it, became the most charming person in the world.

So Dedali went to the cave again, he could go in through the hole he had opened before, so he could take the ring from the old sleeping woman and put it into his mouth. But when he was getting out of there, he fell into the Ogre’s trap. He bound Dedali out-and-out and told the old woman to make the fire and grill him. Dedali tried to untie himself but it was just useless. He was looking at the fire and said to the old woman:

- I’m done right now, just untie me and I’ll get into the fire by myself, cause you won’t grill as good as he wants and he’ll beat up.

She was cheated so easily, she untied him so Dedali pushed her to the fire. He got out of the cave running and the Ogre was so grieving.

The king was so pleased and gave Dedali a fortune. His friends were so angry and for the last time tried to get rid of Dedali. They went to the king and told him:                                                              - Your Majesty! The Ogre is the most appalling creature in the world. Why don’t you send Dedali to catch and imprison him in the cage, and bring him here as your slave? So all your friends will be impressed and your enemies will be horrified.

The king ordered to bring Dedali back and told him what he wanted him to do. Dedali heard him and said: - I need a good, strong cart and indestructible staples.

Th king gave him all he had asked for and Dedali took off again. He arrived at a pinery and started to cut the longest pine. The Ogre heard him and asked about the man who dared cutting his trees. So Dedali answered:

- I am a poor woodcutter and I need the wood to make Dedali’s coffin because he died.

After he heard all Dedali lied, the Ogre took the axe to help him for the coffin. He offered help and said they should make the coffin solid and as long as Dedali was, so he could never get out of it.

After they made the coffin, Dedali told him to get into the coffin and see if it was solid. The ogre got into the coffin and broke it up. So he began to make a more solid coffin. After the Ogre got in, Dedali wrapped up the coffin with the staples. Then the Ogre noticed that it was Dedali who did that and chiseled him.

Then Dedali went to the palace where the king lived and told him:

- Here’s the Ogre, your Majesty! You may kill him or leave him go! He’s all yours!

They opened a hole in the coffin and the king was very surprised when he saw the Ogre in it.

Then the king ordered to take him and the two envious men at the bottom of the lake, while he kept Dedali at the palace, then Dedali married his daughter.