Once upon a time there was an orphan boy called Marash. He had nobody but his old mother and was very poor.

One day he convinced himself to migrate and seek The Fate. He told to his mother the idea he had but she would never wish him to leave and go to the endless roads of the world. But Marash had made up his mind and didn’t even listen to her prayers and longings.

He got up, took a sack and put there a little bread, some onions, some curd and left to take the long road. He had a long and rusty pistol in his belt, that his father had left him, but Marash had never had the chance to try it. The pistol was so long that it stumbled over his legs, but Marash didn’t care.

On the third day of the journey, Marash walked through a vast forest. He had been walking for a long time when he saw a hefty wolf hiding behind a trunk. Marash funked a little and put the hand to the pistol, but he couldn’t scare the wolf. Then the wolf asked him where he was going to. Marash was really scared when he heard the wolf talking to him like a real man, but he encouraged himself and answered: I am going to find The Fate.

Then the wolf said: If you find it ask it for me too, why do I not have appetite lately and why the things aren’t working as well as before?

Marash said he would do that. They said goodbye to each other and he went away.

The next morning he found himself into a vast field, where two great armies were warring and the battle was so bloody. Two equestrians came to Marash and bound him head over heels, and took him to the king. The king was very young, fifteen-sixteen years old and handsome, wore all in gold and jewels.

Marash was open-mouthed with his sight, and the king asked him where was he going to, then Marash answered that he was in pursuit of The Fate and the king said to him: Could you ask The Fate if I will win the war?

Marash said he would ask The Fate and would come back to give him the response, then he went away.

After a long time of walking he arrived at a big bay. As he was crestfallen from all that tiredness, he heard a noise coming from the bay. When he perked, he saw a fish as long and as gross as an asp. The fish got his head out of the water and asked the boy where he was going to. Marash told him the same thing and the fish said: Ask the Fate for me, why is it taking such a long time for me since I have eaten? What should I do?!

Marash said he would ask, then he went away hastily. Three days passed, and Marash was walking through a field where he saw a dried up willow which asked the boy where he was going to. Marash answered and the willow said: -If you find it, ask it why I can’t leaf and green as the other trees do!                                         

The next morning he was near a fountain-head. There he saw an old woman making dashes with a stick on the ground. After she asked him and got the same answer, she said: - It would be good for you to go back to where you came from, I just let him it free and it’s on the way.

Marash asked her who she was and she told him she was the Fate patroness, and the boy said:

-I have looked everywhere to find you, my dear mother. I have had such a long journey.

Before he went away, he asked her about the willow, the fish, the king and the wolf. The old woman told him everything and said he should hurry to catch The Fate.

He said goodbye to her and went to find The Fate. Walking alone, he encountered the willow and told him: - The Fate patroness said that there is a pot full of gold into your roots, and the only way to leaf and green is to move it out from there.

Then the willow thanked him and told him to get the pot out and take all the gold for the kindness he had to help him. So Marash would get richer and the willow would leaf again. But the boy said he had no time because he should hurry to catch The Fate because the old woman had set it free.

Instantly, he went away and encountered the fish on the way. Marash told him:

The Fate patroness said you have a pearl in your mouth and that’s why you can’t eat or drink and you will bail out only if you can take it out.

The fish asked him to take it out so the boy would become rich and the fish could eat and drink again. But Marash told him to find another one to help him because he had to go to catch The Fate. Running, he found himself into the vast field where the battle was going on. Marash went to the king at once and told him:

Oh you being a girl, and poor me thinking you were a boy!

The girl winked at him to make him understand that he shouldn’t tell anything about it, took the guards away and asked him about everything the lady had told to him. Marash told her everything the old woman at the source had said in details.

She said to me that you are a girl but nobody knows. Then she told me that you have to marry a foreign man to win the war.

The girl was trying to find a solution and asked the boy to marry her, so he would become a king and she would become a queen. But Marash lost his temper when he reminded that he had to catch The Fate and told her: I can’t do that. The old lady told me to hurry to catch The Fate, it is frontwards.

She begged and begged, but Marash didn’t listen to her words and went away hustily.

Walking for a long time, he arrived at the forest and the wolf was there waiting for him, then he asked him if he had encountered The Fate. Marash told him: Oh yes I did, but I’m sick of all this because you’re not the only one who has asked me to do that.

Then he told the wolf the story. The wolf heard him carefully and said: So you didn’t take the gold, nor the pearl and what’s more important, you didn’t accept to marry the queen?! I think all this is madness.

But Marash said he had to hurry to catch up The Fate because the lady had sent it frontwards.

The wolf said to that it was the boy’s business but he wanted to know what he had done with his request. The boy said: She said that you should eat a madman, then everything will be all right.

The wolf thought for a while, then he said to the boy: I’m so sorry my friend, but you should get ready because I will devour you.

Marash was terrified and said: Why would you eat me?!

The wolf was getting ready to rip him up: Yeah, I will eat you. I’m afraid I couldn’t find someone who is more insane than you.

Those words curdled his blood and he spoke under his breath: Why am I supposed to be mad?!

The wolf grinned and told Marash that: If you weren’t mad, you would have taken the pot full of gold, the pearl, and you would marry the queen. Even if travel all over the world, I couldn’t find someone more insane than you

Instantly, the wolf ran amuck to the boy, and for a short time he ripped up the poor boy.