Once upon a time, an old man had gone out to work in the field with his wife, his son and daughter. When lunch time came, they sent the girl home to take the meals and bring it back to the field. The girl went home, and her eyes went instantly at the pumpkin hanging on the wall.

Watching the pumpkin, she was thinking out and said: ‘‘ There will come a day when my father will marry me, and I will give birth to a boy, I will call him Mazllum, and we both will come to my father’s house with the oxen, but when we’ll arrive the pumpkin might fall down from the wall and hurt Mazllum’’.

Imagining all these episodes, the girl began to cry saying: - Oh Mazllum, oh my son, oh the pumpkin killed you! Oh Mazllum, oh my son, oh the pumpkin killed you!

Hereupon, she forgot why she came home, and continued to cry for her son. Her brother noticed that she was too late, so he said to their mother to go home and see what was going on. She went home and found her daughter tearful. She asked her the reason why she was crying, then the girl told her about all she had imagined. Then even the mother began to cry together with the girl:     - Oh Mazllum, oh my grandson, oh the pumpkin killed you!

The boy was worried why they were till not coming, then he says to their father to go home and look over why they weren’t coming. The old man went home and found both is wife and his daughter drowned in tears. After they told him the story about Mazllum, and after he heard all of it, he began to cry with them: - Oh Mazllum, oh my grandson, oh the pumpkin killed you!

The son was waiting at the field, but nobody showed up, so he went home to. When he arrived, he saw them crying endways. At first he got scared, then he pulled himself together and asked them what had happened. So, they told him the story of Mazllum and the pumpkin. After he listened, he got angry with their madness and told them: - If I do not find three more insane people than you are, then I will mammock you like I will chop this pumpkin.

He took the knife and cut the pumpkin into very, very small pieces. Then he left and took a trip around the world to find other people that would be more insane than his family. He had been working for a long time when he saw a hut and an old man, who had a sack in his hands and did nothing but going in and going out of the house with no reason. So the boy asked him what he was doing. The old man, who was very upset, answered: - Oh son, you don’t even have the idea of my trouble! Seventy years have passed and I have never seen the sun beams penetrating my house, so I am trying to take them to this sack and put them inside the house, but this is for nothing!

Then the boy asked him what he would take in exchange if he would make his wish possible, and the old man said he would give him as much gold as the boy would ask for. So the boy climbed to the roof top and opened up a big hole and the sun beams covered the house all-around. Then he takes the gold and the old man greeted him cheerfully. Walking away from the hut, he said to himself: ‘‘I found an insane person, now let’s see how many others I will find on the way ’’.

Walking for a long time, he ran up against a group of wedding people who had stopped the bride and the groom ate door and were mulling: ‘‘should we cut the bride’s head, or should we cut the horse’s legs?!’’

The real problem was the door, because it was too low and both the bride and the horse could not go past it. The boy heard them, then he approached and asked them to let him help so nobody would get hurt.

He declined the bride’s head and the horse went past the doorsill; they didn’t cut the bride’s head, neither the horse’s legs. After he solved their dilemma, they burst out laughing with joy and the wedding people got his bag choke-full with gold. The groom’s father invited him to join in the wedding feast too. They were eating and drinking, singing and having fun, but the night was going and little by little the morning was coming. The boy suddenly heard a noise of leg taps on the floor that wasn’t going to stop. He was very surprised by that, so he asked the people around what was that noise and they answered:

-In our country we have a custom that before the groom goes to bed, he should wear the the pants that the bride has brought with her clothes.

The boy said he got that but he couldn’t understand why the house was shaking .So the wedding people explained: - To wear the pants, we get on bed and then follow the pants, while two of us keep them.

The boy was very surprised and asked to go and take a look at the groom to see how he wore the pants, and they showed him joyfully the room where the groom was jumping here and there to wear the pants, but doing nothing instead. The boy saw the groom very confused and told him:

-Calm down and do what I am telling you.

The groom heard the boy and waited impatiently about what he was going to say. The boy continued: - Move up the left leg and take it into the pants…now move up the right leg and do the same thing. See! Problem solved!

All the weeding people and the groom too were amazed with that, because this way of how to wear the pants had never crossed their minds.

The boy left and said to himself smiling: ‘‘my family is so good, world is full of people more insane than them.’’